I am someone who occasionally goes off the deep end where things of the heart are concerned. A year ago when we made the decision to start saving a down payment and buy a house here in Florida, we made out a wish list of wants and needs. To some it might seem odd that many of our top wants were dog-related. We wanted a house with a fenced in yard. We wanted a safe neighborhood to walk the dogs in at whatever time we got around to that particular activity. We wanted a carpet-free home, because we did not wish to fight the battle over accidents or throw up and carpet any longer. We wanted an open concept plan, so we could see what the dogs were doing at all times and so we could throw the ball a hundred times a day for our partially blind dog and still let her fetch the ball without frustration or running into things.

So, we made it through puppyville with Peanut, our sweet, gentile, giant. She finally is completely and totally house broken. She knows several hand signal commands (she is  completely deaf in addition to her missing eye), and after the destruction of so many of our things–she finally sticks to chewing on toys almost exclusively. So… how do we celebrate? Yesterday we took a walk through the rescue dog fair when we picked up pill pockets for our other neurotic but loving rescue mutt we got from the Humane Society three years ago. My heart melted when Dave pointed out one little feisty guy. So tiny– a mere 8lbs. Almost the exact opposite of Peanut and reminded us of a younger Cooper. Then we started playing the “how much harder would 3 dogs be than 2?” game. Reason prevailed, we left with only the purchase of pill pockets. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the cute little dog with the fun spirit and what a joy he would bring to our home. After being home for a little while, we decided to drive back and get this cute little pup, if he was still available.

He seems healthy, slept all night in the little dog bed next to me (much better than the other two heathens, I might add), and has been a delightful addition to our household in the past 24 hours. We are showering the other two with lots of attention, who are naturally very curious and a bit jealous. I think they will all get along great once they are used to each other. I know this little guy is fun and makes me smile. I am filled with love for all three dogs, each in their own way. I look forward to the future.


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