Skirt 31: The Sewer


 Well, I made it! Today’s the last day of my 31 day challenge to sew and wear a different skirt for every day of May. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I am glad I did it. I learned new skills, met new people, and have a bunch of fun new skirts to wear. While there are mistakes in every single skirt I made, for the most part I really like how they came out.

Now I can move on with the neglected areas of my life and maybe do something else besides sew in every spare moment.  But…. I am not going to pack the sewing machine up quite yet. I really hope to continue on with this fun hobby and build on what I have learned over the past month. We’ll just have to see what’s next.

Super big thanks to all my friends and family for the love and support with this crazy project. I am so fortunate to have you all in my life.

Also– thanks for putting up with all the over posting in Facebook land.  This is the end!

Skirt 30: Party with a Purpose

 I realize that not everyone knows who Jimmy Buffet is, or maybe prefers a different kind of music, but Trop Rock is the sound track for life right now for me. I love being able to relax into the island way of life when I get off work and especially appreciate the wisdom that comes with the Parrot Head lifestyle. For instance, when dealing with someone annoying, calling said person a fruitcake and moving on with life is a lot healthier than most other options. Also, being a member of the Treasure Coast Parrot Head Club is pretty great too. I get to hang out with a cool group of people who also feel happy about living in paradise and uses Trop Rock as their sound track of life.

Today was a simple red linen A-Line skirt to go along with my Parrot Head uniform. The day was spent at the Dirty River Jam. This music rally was to raise funds for the Indian River Keeper organization. The beautiful place where we love to kayak, paddle board, and picnic is very sick. Despite an amendment that was recently passed to help protect our local waters, it is still polluted and political support and understanding of our local waterways is still lacking. So, there are rallies and fundraisers to try to raise awareness and funds to make a difference. The Parrot Heads showed up today to make a difference. We participated in the chili cook off. So our amazing chef Sue made over 3 gallons of chili and participants bought arm bands to eat our chili as well as nine other groups’ chili. The club showed up en masse to decorate, eat chili, help serve chili, and accept the award for best decorated tent!  It was such a fun time. I am so proud of my fellow Parrot Heads!

Skirt 29: Gettin’ Crabby


 Would I really make a skirt with crabs on it just to have an excuse to go to a local restaurant to enjoy their delicious crab bisque? Yes, I did just that. This cute little restaurant in Port Salerno also serves a nice fresh catch which is usually pretty tasty. I had the snapper tonight, which was great.

This is an A Line skirt with extra volume and side pockets. I also lined it so I could wear it without worrying.

Top 5 surprises from sewing 31 skirts:

5. Sewing a skirt takes a lot of time.

4.  I could sew 5 in a row without any problem but the sixth could turn into a terror.

3.  I know and met a lot of sewers and former sewers. I loved hearing the stories!

2.  I did not become a master sewer through this process.

1.  This ended up not being a solo endeavor after all. Awesome friends sewed along with me, my sweet husband was my biggest cheerleader, friends and family stepped up with encouraging words and picture taking assistance,  and the Facebook likes and comments were so sweet and helpful to keep me going.

Skirt 28: Black & White Swish

Me and my skirt about to enjoy a delicious chocolate birthday treat from my super sweet coworkers: 

  Me in the beautiful courtyard outside the library at my campus. 

 The third and last long skirt of the week. I had my chance to twirl all week and pretend I was Lemon Breeland from The Hart of Dixie.  The show is available on Netflix, and totally worth a watch just for the awesome accents and pretty skirts, by the way.

Day 2 of my reflections about this project have me remembering all the questions I have received since beginning  Sew Awesome.

Top 5 questions I get when someone learns I am sewing 31 skirts and wearing one each day of May:

5.  Is this part of a contest? Do you win something if you do this?

4.  How much is this costing?

3.  How is Dave handling all this?

2.  How do you hang all those skirts?

1.  Why are you doing this?

Skirt 25: Giving Thanks

  This was my second maxi skirt I made from NewLook pattern S0550. This version has a flare to it, making it easy to walk and relax in. I feel like I am in my pajamas, basically. Dave picked out this pretty stretch fabric on one of our Joann Fabric runs. I really enjoyed making it and it kept me reasonably cool walking to the Memorial Day Parade this morning. I am so thankful to live in this country where so many have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. 


Skirt 23: Banana Boat

  What an enjoyable day! I worked with a group of teenagers today making videos about STEM career choices, which was actually a lot of fun. It was part of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s ASCEND program. Then after I got home, Dave and I went to the Cinnamon Tree House Concert to see Jack Mosely. This was our first live experience with Jack, and we are now big fans! What a great singer/songwriter! The group who showed up to support this talented artist was enthusiastic and we had such a good night. 

I wish I could say making this particular skirt was as much fun as the rest of my day, but alas– that is not how it worked out. This attempt was a figurative pain in the butt. The finished project ended up being too big. So I ripped out the zipper, cut out some of the waistband, and re-attached the zipper. I must have screwed up one of the teeth, because it now does not zip up with ease….  I will have to put in another zipper for longtime wear, but I succeeded in wearing an original handmade skirt for today. My teenagers were pretty supportive of the whole SEW AWESOME project when I mentioned it today, which was fun.