Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way to Swim Better, Faster, and Easier by Terry Laughin

Total Immersion: Revolutionary Way to Swim Better and FasterTotal Immersion: Revolutionary Way to Swim Better and Faster by Terry Laughlin

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Total Immersion is a system of swimming that prizes technique over power and seeks to teach swimmers how to adapt their vessel to swim more fishlike and eliminate the struggle that plagues so many swimmers and would-be swimmers. Living four miles from the ocean, having a barely used health club membership card in my billfold and a small backyard pool perfect for practicing technique–it seemed that I really have no excuse for my poor swimming abilities. This book is an excellent how-to book focused on skill building for the new swimmer or long-time swimmer that is tired of being frustrated with their slow progress in the water using old fashioned techniques. The freestyle stroke is broken down into a series of small steps in which the swimmer is encouraged to imprint the proper technique on their mind and body. Once all the drills are learned, then the steps are assembled into a highly efficient full stroke. This book helped me with the mental distress I have when I go in the water. I was unable to pull enough information out of the text to be sure I was practicing correct technique, so I did buy the video set which explained the steps discussed in video format. I think the two products compliment each other well. I want the background and history and science behind what I am trying to do in the pool. I do better when I am in a “program” and I do indeed feel a part of the Total Immersion group now that I am practicing drills daily. I hope that becoming confident with this new form of exercise will help me to become healthier long-term. I’m excited for the future and credit this book with getting me to take the first step to discovering this new hobby.

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