The Other Einstein: A NovelThe Other Einstein: A Novel by Marie Benedict

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Historical fiction provides the dangerous temptation to take fiction as fact. With this story, it is very easy to vilify Albert Einstein as the adulterous, abusive, and cut-throat man of brilliance he is perceived to be in The Other Einstein. After enjoying the story, what is telling for me, once I separate fiction from documented fiction, is that Einstein vigorously courted and then married a brilliant scientist who overcame so many odds to attend the same university as the privileged Einstein, yet he did nothing to support that potential once he married this phenomenal woman. Is this blasphemy against the most celebrated scientist of modern times? In my opinion it is simply a fuller picture of the man who so many claimed to know. This book did what great historical fiction is supposed to do–it made me curious about the time and people it discussed. It made me appreciate the setting and characters which were discussed and encouraged me to dive deeper into my own research of the topic. Excellent job to Marie Benedict on creating an engaging story which I look forward to sharing with others.

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