Writing HTML by Hand

For this challenge, I was asked to take fifteen minutes and write the below code, by hand, over and over again. Part of this exercise was to learn the basics of what every code page will build from and the second objective was to start to memorize the steps. I started out by using a pencil and was amazed at how many times I had to erase. This doesn’t surprise me since I usually have to backspace quite often when I type. I did find that a few things were a lack of knowledge/skill — such as when I run out of room for a sentence — in real coding, where does that go? Does it continue on in the page/document or where does it get indented to on the next line? These questions are pretty small and I am sure I will learn the answers in the days and weeks to come (or I hope so!).


School of Webcraft Challenge Introduction

I love learning new things. Several years ago I messed around a little bit with HTML. I had to build a very basic website in my library science masters program but let the skills slide away as content managed sites became the norm in the places where I worked. Lo and behold, however, the need to tinker with code has once again come up in my current librarian position. Not anything heavy-duty, but as a way of styling pages that I work with everyday. I would like to refresh my skills and then move on to learn more about CSS and beyond. I enjoy figuring out formulas to make something work and look the way I want it to — I just don’t enjoy the vast amount of time it usually takes me to get to a successful conclusion. I hope by taking this challenge and others like it I learn some fundamentals which allow me to do my job more efficiently and eventually get to the point where I can build a website on my own soon. I look forward to meeting others who are also embarking on this challenge!


ps. If this challenge sounds like something you would be interested in but have no idea what I’ve been talking about– visit https://p2pu.org/en/schools/school-of-webcraft/ to learn more!