Skirt 30: Party with a Purpose

 I realize that not everyone knows who Jimmy Buffet is, or maybe prefers a different kind of music, but Trop Rock is the sound track for life right now for me. I love being able to relax into the island way of life when I get off work and especially appreciate the wisdom that comes with the Parrot Head lifestyle. For instance, when dealing with someone annoying, calling said person a fruitcake and moving on with life is a lot healthier than most other options. Also, being a member of the Treasure Coast Parrot Head Club is pretty great too. I get to hang out with a cool group of people who also feel happy about living in paradise and uses Trop Rock as their sound track of life.

Today was a simple red linen A-Line skirt to go along with my Parrot Head uniform. The day was spent at the Dirty River Jam. This music rally was to raise funds for the Indian River Keeper organization. The beautiful place where we love to kayak, paddle board, and picnic is very sick. Despite an amendment that was recently passed to help protect our local waters, it is still polluted and political support and understanding of our local waterways is still lacking. So, there are rallies and fundraisers to try to raise awareness and funds to make a difference. The Parrot Heads showed up today to make a difference. We participated in the chili cook off. So our amazing chef Sue made over 3 gallons of chili and participants bought arm bands to eat our chili as well as nine other groups’ chili. The club showed up en masse to decorate, eat chili, help serve chili, and accept the award for best decorated tent!  It was such a fun time. I am so proud of my fellow Parrot Heads!


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