Skirt 29: Gettin’ Crabby


 Would I really make a skirt with crabs on it just to have an excuse to go to a local restaurant to enjoy their delicious crab bisque? Yes, I did just that. This cute little restaurant in Port Salerno also serves a nice fresh catch which is usually pretty tasty. I had the snapper tonight, which was great.

This is an A Line skirt with extra volume and side pockets. I also lined it so I could wear it without worrying.

Top 5 surprises from sewing 31 skirts:

5. Sewing a skirt takes a lot of time.

4.  I could sew 5 in a row without any problem but the sixth could turn into a terror.

3.  I know and met a lot of sewers and former sewers. I loved hearing the stories!

2.  I did not become a master sewer through this process.

1.  This ended up not being a solo endeavor after all. Awesome friends sewed along with me, my sweet husband was my biggest cheerleader, friends and family stepped up with encouraging words and picture taking assistance,  and the Facebook likes and comments were so sweet and helpful to keep me going.


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