Skirt 28: Black & White Swish

Me and my skirt about to enjoy a delicious chocolate birthday treat from my super sweet coworkers: 

  Me in the beautiful courtyard outside the library at my campus. 

 The third and last long skirt of the week. I had my chance to twirl all week and pretend I was Lemon Breeland from The Hart of Dixie.  The show is available on Netflix, and totally worth a watch just for the awesome accents and pretty skirts, by the way.

Day 2 of my reflections about this project have me remembering all the questions I have received since beginning  Sew Awesome.

Top 5 questions I get when someone learns I am sewing 31 skirts and wearing one each day of May:

5.  Is this part of a contest? Do you win something if you do this?

4.  How much is this costing?

3.  How is Dave handling all this?

2.  How do you hang all those skirts?

1.  Why are you doing this?


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