Skirt 23: Banana Boat

  What an enjoyable day! I worked with a group of teenagers today making videos about STEM career choices, which was actually a lot of fun. It was part of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s ASCEND program. Then after I got home, Dave and I went to the Cinnamon Tree House Concert to see Jack Mosely. This was our first live experience with Jack, and we are now big fans! What a great singer/songwriter! The group who showed up to support this talented artist was enthusiastic and we had such a good night. 

I wish I could say making this particular skirt was as much fun as the rest of my day, but alas– that is not how it worked out. This attempt was a figurative pain in the butt. The finished project ended up being too big. So I ripped out the zipper, cut out some of the waistband, and re-attached the zipper. I must have screwed up one of the teeth, because it now does not zip up with ease….  I will have to put in another zipper for longtime wear, but I succeeded in wearing an original handmade skirt for today. My teenagers were pretty supportive of the whole SEW AWESOME project when I mentioned it today, which was fun. 


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