Skirt 17: The Margarita

I have this great friend who agreed to join me in this crazy creative endeavor. Tonight I was able to celebrate the completion of yet another skirt with Emily. She agreed to participate in Sew Awesome by sewing AND wearing 4 skirts in the month of May with me. This was skirt number 3 for her, and she looked beautiful in it. We celebrated our skirts by going to a restaurant called Bakersfield on Mass Ave in Indianapolis. We were in their cozy basement and thoroughly enjoyed catching up and enjoying the food. We then went to a pretty snazy boutique ice cream experience place further down the street. It was a great night filled with conversation and handmade skirts. Thanks, Emily!

My skirt was yet another Get Up and Go Skirt, pattern by Deborah Moebes. I bought this lightweight cotton fabric (which felt great wearing all day, by the way) at a cute quilt supply shop in Port St. Lucie, Florida named Pam’s Fabric Nook. 


2 thoughts on “Skirt 17: The Margarita

  1. I want to make some skirts! Mainly because I hate shorts. I have a sewing machine and some rudimentary sewing skills. Where do I start? Do I have to drive all the way to Joann Fabrics in Jensen Beach?

    1. I was feeling pretty lost until I found the sewing genius Deborah Moebes online. There is a terrific Craftsy class that is pretty inexpensive, How to Design and Sew an A Line Skirt was my introduction to measuring, cutting, sewing and installing zippers. Good luck & have fun!

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