Skirt 16: Just keep sewing

We went under the sea with these skirts. I am visiting family in Indiana and one of the best parts is definitely hanging out with my favorite 5 year old in the whole world– my niece Hannah. When I came into the living room today sporting this fish skirt, she was immediately wowed. I actually got a “wow, that’s a cool skirt, Kendy.” So she was even more excited when I whipped out one just like it for her to wear. The fit wasn’t perfect on her. The elastic was not as loose as she would probably prefer and it was a bit shorter than what I was going for, but she still has the outfit on, even while trying to nap off a fever due to 6 year molars breaking through. We had fun dancing around and getting our picture taken and painting toenails blue to match. We made a memory and got a few fun photos out of the deal–if she never wears it again, it was well worth the minimal effort on my part to make it. 

Her skirt was a duplicate of the skirt I made with my Little a few weeks ago, with the decorative blue elastic waistband. My skirt was another get up and go skirt. I can’t help it, I like wearing them and sewing them!  I also played with one of my sewing machine’s decorative stitches to make a fun hemline. 

The hangup in making these skirts was with the fabric itself, unfortunately. All of my online fabric purchases so far have been terrific, but the three yards of this fabric had several imperfections in it that I didn’t notice until I was well into the sewing process. I should have inspected it first–but I didn’t. So, I will live with the few tiny holes for now and hope I get a few wears out of the skirt before something embarrasing happens. I did learn to look before I cut! 

Also–my super smart cousin Rachel came up with the title for today’s skirt. Any ideas on where it comes from?  🙂


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