Skirt 6: Hawaiian Skirt

Today was just plain terrible. Despite all my efforts to have a well planned and executed week, sometimes life just gets in the way. I was heading out the door to work this morning, lunchbox full of pre-made healthy snacks and lunch in hand when the dog comes walking in the kitchen with blood all over her face. Long story short–emergency schnauzer surgery took up my day between the appointment and picking her up, getting her settled, and buying special food. She is now resting comfortably, but what a day. She is fourteen years old and the veterinarian spent a considerable amount of time today trying to remind me of her age and ailments. Basically, I need to understand that we are just trying to make her comfortable at this stage in life. Poor dog. 

So… I decided that I needed to end today on a happier note. What better way than by putting on my Hawaiian skirt and going to Happy Hour with the Treasure Coast Parrot Heads. It was just the thing I needed. What a great bunch of people and the light and festive atmosphere that I desperately needed. Getting all kinds of compliments on my skirts and hearing everyone’s sewing stories was pretty neat too. Thanks for sharing!


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