Skirt 5: The Sale Skirt

When you embark on a creative journey to learn to sew and set a goal of 31 completed skirts, the costs start to add up. So I had the best of intentions when shopping online clearance sales in search of material. The problem was that I was browsing this virtual clearance rack before I knew enough about fabric to understand what I liked and what I didn’t like– not to mention how different textures and weights would drape in the shapes of skirts that I wanted to sew. This is the weirdest fabric ever. It is kind of a scratchy textured surface on the right side, and a strange smooth on the wrong side. The fabric pen had a hard time marking on the wrong side, it’s almost like plastic–but isn’t. So all this brings us to today’s skirt. I whipped this puppy up last night. I used a previously drafted pattern and added a little length to it before I cut. It did not breathe well, but I at least don’t think I looked obviously strange (but… who knows, maybe I did). The library is a very friendly place to work. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you get lucky. Time will tell how this bizarre creation holds up. 


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