Skirt 3: Making Match Memories 

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an amazing organization focused on matching kids (many of whom have faced a challenge in life) with adult mentors. I have been matched with my eight year old friend for a little over a year. We do lots of fun stuff together, and from the beginning I really wanted to share this skirt project with her.

I found directions for a simple elastic waistband skirt from Joann on Pinterest. For my skirt I added side seam pockets. When planning my Little’s sewing project I wanted to simplify things as much as possible, so I prepped everything and had a checklist ready for when the kiddo came over. When I picked her up and pointed to my outfit and asked if she was ready to sew, she grinned great big and kept grinning as we got to my house and got to work. We  both had so much fun. With a lot of encouragement she did everything herself — the measuring, cutting, overcasting, ironing, gathering, sewing, and hemming. I was so proud! So was she, by the way. We even had leftover fabric to make headbands. We did a mini fashion show and took lots of pictures. Her family was blown away when I took her home and she was excited to share the details. It was a great day that I will remember every time I wear this skirt in the future.


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