Skirt 2: Pretty in Pink

So I go from wearing one of my least favorite skirts yesterday to one of my favorites today. This is a linen A-line skirt I made last weekend. I bought the stonewashed linen from and this was my first time sewing with this kind of material. It was different, but really fun. Despite the permanent wrinkles, the skirt was really comfortable and fun to wear. The reason I decided to wear it today was that I needed something very flexible. I needed a skirt that I could wear to a commencement ceremony in the morning and a Trop Rock House concert in the evening. This pink fit the bill by matching a white blouse and also my Sunny Jim Concert T-Shirt perfectly.  

I learned how to make this kind of skirt, with a side zipper and yoke waistband from the Craftsy: A-Line Skirt online class taught by Deborah Moebes. This was the first skirt I have made where I liked how the hem came out (finally straight!). 

I had fun making this one, and I will probably make a few more similar to it now that I know how it wears and feels. If you are wondering who Sunny Jim is or why I am a lover of Trop Rock, check out one of the many YouTube videos available of the great guy I got to see perform live tonight. Music available at 


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