Skirt 1: The Dreamsicle 

This was the very first skirt I made for this project. I finished it on March 8. Before I started this project I knew there would be a learning curve, but I honestly didn’t realize how steep it would be. Before this project I had sewed drapes and a few Halloween costumes. None of those things required accuracy or sewing in a straight line. I tried making a dress a few years ago, but it was unwearable (not sure how that escaped my memory until now). So I started with a pattern. I didn’t realize until after I bought 5 patterns and brought them home and dug into them that pattern sizes don’t line up to shop sizes. So, by way of measurements, none would fit. I decided to try this pattern anyway and just add a little here and there and try to fudge things a bit. That wasn’t really a good plan. The one smart thing I did was to use leftover fabric from my living room curtain making several years ago. So, I have very little costs in this draw string skirt which has a strange fit, but was surprisingly comfortable to wear all day. With flip flops and a comfy tshirt, I was ready to enjoy the Avengers movie with Dave and run errands afterwards. I almost threw this thing away and not count it as one of the 31 skirts, but I thought it would be good to just plough through and appreciate how much I like the other ones I have made since March. 

So…here is skirt 1:


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