Sew Awesome: The Beginning

SewAwesomeI want a style.

I want to wear beautiful clothes each day and feel great wearing them.

I want to put my creative skills to work on a project so big that there is a very real chance I won’t be able to chew all that I have bitten off.

Those three reasons are why Sew Awesome is my newest and most awesome project. Every day in May 2015 I will be wearing a different skirt that I have sewed. Brainstorming and planning began in February 2015 and sewing will probably continue right through the entire month of May in order to meet my goal. I hope to have a little fun along the way by dragging  a few special people into the skirt craziness with me. I also plan to blog along the way so I can reflect along the way and share my fun with others who might get a laugh (at my expense) along the way.

To read other posts related to the Sew Awesome skirt project, click here:

Sew Awesome Blog Posts


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