Get Up and Go Skirt 

One of the first things I did when I decided I wanted to learn how to sew was to  go to the fabric store and pick out several skirt patterns. I thought I was being careful–I picked ones that looked simple and had the words “easy” or “1 hour” in the title. Unfortunately that tactic didn’t work. I didn’t get the right size. I couldn’t understand the directions. I didn’t know the vocabulary. 

So I knew that in order to succeed I would need a new approach. I am so glad I found Deborah Moebes. Her Craftsy class “How to Design and Sew an A Line Skirt” got me started. I liked her style of instruction and I especially liked the results–I have sewed three skirts that I look forward to wearing next month. 

I went looking for more and found the “Get Up and Go Skirt” pattern on This is the first in Moebes’ Learn As You Sew series. It is a tablet friendly pattern that comes with a downloadable instruction book with embedded videos which walks you through every step of skirt construction via the included eCourse. I enjoyed watching the videos and gaining skills by sewing what she told me to sew in the way she told me to. It also helped me understand a lot of the terms I was seeing in my previously purchased commercial patterns. 

I am happy with the two skirts I made over the weekend. The second went together very quickly since I knew what I was doing! I look forward to wearing them in May. 


3 thoughts on “Get Up and Go Skirt 

  1. These look so swingy and springy! Glad that you didn’t let other patterns & confusing instructions stop you from sewing.

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