Creativity, Innovation, and Change Project Exploration Statement


Understanding the challenges facing the Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie River through STEM

Mission Statement:

By completing STEM based learning modules, students of all ages will gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing the Florida Treasure Coast waterways.

Project Goals:

  • Complete a literature review and complete a bibliography covering the issues facing the Indian River Lagoon. Compile bibliography in age-based, annotated format.
  • Seek out correlations between prominent issues and the science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines.
  • Identify experts to collaborate with the design of learning modules.
  • Create lesson plans including activities and assessment components.
  • Develop marketing plan.
  • Develop budget.
  • Implement project with local student groups.

Starting Point:

I will start with research, both of the issues and of what similar programs are already being implemented locally.


  • This issue is emotionally charged on both sides – finding unbiased information and sharing it in an unbiased way will be difficult.
  • I don’t currently know if a similar program exists – I believe environmental education is strong in this area, but it focuses on an ecology perspective, but may not be balanced in its scope.
  • I will need funding to implement this project with students. I currently do not have any funders or any partners.

This exploration statement is an assignment for the MOOC I am participating in titled Creativity, Innovation, and Change. If you are interested in learning more please visit:


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