Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

badmonkeyReading Bad Monkey was a terrific journey which transported me to a world that is even more ridiculous than my current reality. I laughed out loud and even snorted a bit throughout the book and felt no guilt whatsoever over the lack of housework that took place while I indulged myself in a week of Hiaasen humor.

Andrew Yancy is a detective who has made a few poor decisions which managed to land him a demotion. Yancy is pretty motivated to improve his situation, so he decides to investigate a Key West murder on his own time in an effort to impress his boss. This adventure takes many unexpected turns and uncovers a scam, the likes of which is all too common in Florida.

If you feel like laughing at the expense of fictional crazy Floridians– this is the book for you. Please be advised, this particular Hiaasen book is not a YA title. There are several graphic scenes, some foul language, and sex.


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