A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook & Brendan Halpin

reallyawesomemess2Emmy’s parents would love it if she would just be a confident teenager who meets expectations, faces challenges head-on, and stays out of trouble. That’s pretty tough to do when Emmy has felt insecure about where and how she belongs in the world and then on top of that has a terrible relationship meltdown. Her actions land her at Heartland Academy, a reform school.

Justin managed to inherit his hot head from his father, but since he doesn’t know his father all that well, that similarity doesn’t immediately become apparent to him. Dealing with his depression in healthy ways is difficult for anybody, but trying to navigate this minefield of urges as a teenager causes Justin to do a few things to also land him at Heartland.

Justin and Emmy do not want to be at Heartland at all. The only way, it appears, to graduate out of the system is to follow the rules and participate. They get to know some others in their anger management group with backgrounds much different, but just as messed up as their own and manage to get themselves into a really awesome mess.

This teen tale of perseverance and discovery will connect with anyone who has ever felt a bit disconnected from the path most traveled.


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