All That I Am by Anna Funder

When I think of what I have learned over the years about Hitler’s rein over Germany, stories of dictators and victims come to mind. The heroes are those who either worked to get people out and away from Germany safely or are the victims themselves who somehow managed to survive the terror with both their life and their sanity intact.  I don’t think of the people who were brave enough to get involved and take action and bring about world-wide awareness of what was really happening in Germany in the early days. One of these groups are center stage in the book All That I Am.

The political system is enough to drive me bonkers at times with the inability to work together to solve problems, but with this time in history the extremists or outliers served a purpose. When one side goes a little too far, it seems to be the radicals who are the ones drawing attention and making people aware of where this is going.

Some stories fill you with sadness, and this book is one of them. Beyond sadness though, hope and gratefulness does emerge. The story is bound throughout with love and spirit and a tale that stays with you.


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