The Roots of My Obsession by Thomas C. Cooper

Why do you garden?

This may seem like a simple question to ask someone who has dedicated a large amount of their life to the cause, but in The Roots of My Obsession the answers are often complex and several authors appeared to struggle to fit the answer into their two page limit. Gardening is much more than a hobby to many, it is a way of life and a passion that many carry with them throughout their lifetimes. In this book edited by Thomas C. Cooper, thirty famous gardeners reveal a snippet of what gardening means to them and the impact it has had on their lives. By answering this single question gardeners reveal a need to connect to the earth despite the risks and the heartaches that come from this never-ending activity. Not-so-famous gardeners will discover a connection to these stories and will find themselves motivated to journey on through the snow, disease, bugs, and natural disasters which affect a garden’s life and therefore a gardener’s life.


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