The Library Marketing Toolkit by Ned Potter

Being tasked with a job as important as marketing the library you love and care for can be an intimidating and somewhat daunting proposition. That word—marketing—means so many different things to different people. In Ned Potter’s book The Library Marketing Toolkit, the complex process is divided up into distinct and manageable interdependent projects. I took my time reading this book, taking notes along the way, investigating the supplemental web material provided, and sharing certain passages or chapters with my coworkers to gauge reactions to the book’s ideas. By the time I reached the end of the book, I have to admit, however, the task of improving my library’s marketing efforts still seemed a bit overwhelming for a system with a lot of heart but simply too few staff to tackle an all-encompassing marketing campaign as laid out in great detail by the author. Mr. Potter did calm me down a bit with his conclusion, which pointed out even small steps add up to big results—something I will have to keep in mind as I and the rest of the staff plot our marketing journey. I am certain I will be referring back to The Library Marketing Toolkit for years to come.

For more information about this book or the author visit .


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