FLA One Book, One State


A few weeks ago the director at my library sent out an email to managers gauging what the interest would be in participating in the Florida Library Association’s One Book, One State book discussion for 2013. The response was positive, so I placed a hold for the library’s digital copy and was able to read The Dragonfly Effect this past week.

https://i0.wp.com/d.gr-assets.com/books/1327950696l/7972700.jpgStorytelling is the “in” thing right now in the nonprofit world– and libraries are no different. The Dragonfly Effect takes this a bit further and describes a system that people can follow to take a story, pair it with a call to action, and create social good. It is a how-to book for creating processes to make change happen. That doesn’t exactly mean that the book is a guarantee of success, however, for all people wanting to launch campaigns of action all across the world. The hard part of this whole niche is missing from this book–which is the talent of being able to recognize a compelling case, frame it in a dynamic way, and structure a call to action that is helpful and manageable. Those pieces are the meat of what will make any idea take off, and unfortunately that is the piece that has to be figured out by every individual or organization wishing to make the ideas in this book a reality. That caveat aside–I still really enjoyed the book. There are times in library-land where pieces of what we do are so impactful that if we pause a second to structure how to take that beginning and launch it into a larger campaign for action instead of moving onto the next great idea–who knows what could happen? Some have done this, but it isn’t something you see happening a lot in the library industry. This book has at least caused me to look at some of what I am doing in a different way.

Who knows where that will lead?


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