The New American Plate Cookbook by the American Institute for Cancer Research

I have made six recipes from this cookbook and have really enjoyed most of them. What I most appreciate is the introduction to new ingredients and the focus on healthy, yet beautiful, wholesome food.

 The concept behind the book is that the American way of eating has to change. Instead of the traditional meat and potatoes dinner with a few peas on the side, our menus need to incorporate a lot more vegetables and whole grains and consume much less meat.

 Thanks to this book, in the past two weeks I have cooked several pounds of beans (pinto, kidney, black, & garbanzo), discovered new ways of incorporating brown rice into my diet, and tried barley for the first time.

 I am not sure I could cook in this method completely. The herbs did help spice things up and differentiate the tastes of the various meals — but there was a particular sameness about many of the meals that could get monotonous after a while. I’ll keep the techniques and recipes in my rotation, though.


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