Making my own pocket of sanity

A few weeks ago I realized that I needed to dedicate time and effort to a project in order to “do my part” to try to help that project succeed. I felt really bad about my lack of attention and just finally picked dates out of my calendar to dedicate time and try to get some things happening in that corner of my universe. I created a short list of things I wanted to accomplish within the next four weeks. Last week went well. This week (today)– not so well. I wasn’t feeling extraordinarily well. I was simply exhausted and had a hard time  focusing or being creative. However–by golly– I had a project that I needed to get done. I picked one thing (a program series) and outlined it, created guidelines, worked with volunteers to hash out wording and possible schedules and sent it all off to the graphics guy to pretty-up. I got my task done. It is far from perfect, but I could at least leave work with a clear conscious.

I was working at a public service desk during this afternoon. Within eyesight there was a woman who was doing some craft project with Christmas lights for well over an hour. After I tidied up my project area, I dropped by to say hi and casually mentioned that it looks like someone got her roped into something complex. The woman was so nice. She showed me her project and we talked for a few minutes. Pretty soon we were talking about technology and websites that would help her with the research phase of her project. She was so appreciative of the attention and the ideas and was eager to start investigating. It was a terrific interaction.

I don’t get to work directly with patrons as much now as what I used to. Today made me realize how important it is to stay connected and not lose sight of why I do the work I do. That woman has no idea how much I needed that connection on a day like today! I love being a librarian.


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