Under My Hat: Tales from the Cauldron edited by Jonathan Strahan

I discovered this book via the Forever Young Adult blog, and it sounded too good to pass up. Of course, in order to get it in time to read before Halloween, I had to bite the bullet and actually buy the digital version (which is rare for me).

I’m really glad I took the gamble. These short stories are woven together nicely. They are all very different kinds of tales coming from a variety of authors, but each had the central theme of witches in them, so I was able to go from one story to the next without suffering too much whiplash.

The stories are geared towards the young adult crowd. I credit the authors for keeping the focus on very clever plot lines over gore and guts. Several of the stories scared the jeebers out of me, but in a cool creepy way and not in a Friday the Thirteenth kind of way. So… all is well.  

There are still a few days left before Halloween. If you are willing to give yourself a treat this week, download a copy of this short story collection. They will make you laugh and kind of wish you had a witch friend of your very own.


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