Eavesdropping by Kendra Brown

A few years ago, psychologist Kendra Brown found herself trying in her practice to help many women who simply felt stuck. The women Dr. Brown were meeting with were finding it hard to move through to the next phase of their life and were depressed about their situation. Dr. Brown despises the words “anti-aging” and decided to try to put together a resource to help women realize the options available to successfully navigate through the various stages of life. She invited several women to come together in a structured group setting and discuss these life experiences and come out of each meeting with concrete examples of how these women had gotten through various phases of their life — the good and the bad. The women that were chosen to be a part of this sharing circle were pretty remarkable women with very diverse backgrounds. Many of them had broken the glass ceiling in their respective careers, obtained advanced degrees while raising children, and were calling themselves feminists before that term was cool. The thing thing they all shared was the ability to keep trying– to continually strive for more out of each phase of life, including retirement.

The book that resulted is a fiction book with the story being told through the eyes of a thirty year old “eavesdropper” to the bi-weekly meetings that took place over a three year timespan. The topics covered provide a handy list of ideas for women facing a change in their life. It could also be helpful for grown children to read and use as a guide for navigating complex conversations with their aging parents.

The women gathered last night at the library for the launch of their new book. The community showed up (over 100!) to support this group of women and the message they have to share.  It was fun to meet the “Pages” (the name they had given themselves), whose voices I had read over the past couple of weeks while reading the book. I look forward to getting to know these community leaders more over the coming years. I could learn a lot!


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