Thing 23: What next?

My 23 Things for Professional Development program has come to an end. This has been a great experience that I am glad I did. I learned about new technology tools, but also had a chance to really think about some bigger issues such as advocacy and lifelong learning. While in the day-to-day grind, it is sometimes difficult to remember to dedicate some time to these important issues and to spend time planning and not just doing.

For my last Thing, I considered my professional development plan. For my job, I have a list of five goals for the year that I have agreed to work on. These are a bit big and broad in nature. For this Thing, I decided to take the guidelines located at along with my library’s new strategic plan and those big goals that are on my PEP and draft a working document. I believe this will be a useful tool. I used the goals from the strategic plan and broke them down into chunks of responsibilities which are in my circle of influence. I believe it will adapt and change as I have more conversations with my supervisor and other library leaders and my understanding of the priorities firms up a bit more over time. This is a start, anyhow.

I’m thrilled with the 23 Things Program. I encourage others to work their way through the Things and discover some great new tools and ideas to further your own library related goals!


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