Thing 19: Catch up week on integrating ‘things’

Taking a moment to reflect and think about what tools are really going to make the cut is definitely a needed exercise for me personally. I have learned quite a bit from participating in the 23 Things Program. I will not use everything I have been exposed to — but I believe quite a few things have already been integrated into my daily life.

JING – it’s my new copy paste tool of choice. I look forward to hitting that sun button at the top of my screen instead of ctrl-c. I believe it will be most useful for my instructor-specific tasks, but it might be valuable for staff training activities as well.

Google – calendar tools and docs/drive have been great assets to me and will continue to keep me headed in the right direction and communicating with the right people in easy-to-access ways. I now have a Google Nexus 7 tablet, so I am that much more in sync with Google….

Evernote – so much of my job is project management. So many projects… so little time! It is what I love the most about my work and the area I think  I could be managing so much better right now. If I could just get a bit more organized, perhaps I could stay ahead of the game. I need to figure out how to TRULY get away from binders/notebooks/note cards and into the world of digital organization once and for all. I think Evernote may be my way into this new paperless lifestyle. I just need to figure out how to sync my evernote organization with the document creation abilities of google drive. I think a keyboard for my tablet may be helpful — but the biggest thing I can do is just stick with the digital system over the notebook and become more efficient with it. I WILL SUCCEED … dammit!

Social Media – I like having an online life. Some may call it a metalife. Some may be terrified of not saying the “right thing” so they never say anything at all on twitter or facebook or on blogs. I like socializing in these ways, so I will continue to do so. I have been exposed to some really neat ideas by conversing with others online. I will continue to do so in careful ways, knowing the risks that are involved. I like learning. I also really like learning in these social ways. I look forward to the “next thing.” I can’t wait until the day I can organize by different passions a bit better so that when I’m in the mood for librarian stuff – all the tweets, blog posts, linked in discussion posts, list-serv emails and the like all go to one place and are sorted by relevance for what I’m interested in (and searchable, too!). Until then I will continue to peruse these different ways of accessing information in my haphazard way and enjoy it as I go along.


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