Thing 17: The Medium is the Message- Prezi and Slideshare

Last year when I presented at the Indiana Library Federation Conference, I decided to create my presentation using Prezi instead of Power Point because I wanted to learn more about this tool that I had seen used for a while, but had not yet experimented with. The learning curve took a few hours. Learning how to scale the project and make it flow did require a few re-starts. I was very happy with the final project, however. It was well received, and the presentation itself told a digital story, even without my narrative. My BOOM!-erang Tactics Prezi can be viewed at:

I also used Prezi about nine months ago to create a digital portfolio of my work experience. I included a link to this prezi on my resume, which helped me land my current job. Or I think it helped, anyway. I would like to keep this portfolio up to date. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. So, it is not public at this time.

Last month I used Prezi to create an online training module for staff at my library to cover a Food for Fines program. During one week, the library system collected food for a local charity and in exchange the library would wipe out overdue fines. I wanted staff to come out of the experience knowing more about the charity and what kinds of cases they take so that they could make accurate referrals. I also thought it was necessary to review the circulation / computer steps necessary to accurately cancel fines. The prezi seemed like a good medium to dissiminate this information and allowed for staff to learn the information in a more appealing way than just sending out an endless stream of emails. The feedback was mostly positive.

I have not used Slideshare much. I uploaded a presentation once. I have viewed others’ presentations a few times. I might look into it more if I presented more.

For ease of creation, sometimes PowerPoint is still the best choice for a presentation. It is great to know that other options exist. I think the tool used depends on the message that is being conveyed and what the shelf life of that information might be. I would love to see digital project scrapbooks created to visually communicate the impact of a particular service or initiative. That might just be my next prezi project in the not so distant future…



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