The Tool That Tells The Story by Barry Chudakov

In a time where everyone seems to be connected all the time in every way imaginable, it is no wonder that there is now a term for the new personal world that is created with all these new forms of communications: the Metalife. The degrees to which the lives of people are now transformed— not just because of the tools that are present to record life experiences, but by interacting with these tools—the kind of life one can/will now live as opposed to the life they lived in the past, is drastically different.

This phenomenon is what author Barry Chudakov explores through the use of real-world examples of the strange and stranger and a narrative that brings the seemingly unbelievable into context for those who don’t even realize they now have a Metalife. This book is an excellent exploration for those interested in technology. I especially appreciated the approach Chudakov encourages readers to consider when coming into contact with new and emerging technologies.

The bottom line: Chudakov helps make sense of a world that more and more seems to lack any.


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