Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis, and Dropbox

My mother emailed me a link the other day — “honey, there’s this cool thing at work I’m using called Dropbox– you should try it.” I had heard of Dropbox before, but have not yet had a positive interaction with it. My most recent dealings with it were a fail, unfortunately. I was on a committee and the chair tried to send a flier that needed proofed with a link via Dropbox. Unfortunatley it took me to a page which required me to register for Dropbox to download the flier. Once I got all registerd – the folder that the link directed me to was empty. It took a few emails to figure out that something went wrong on her end, and it was simply user error. The tool  got blamed, of course, but after doing the 23 Things Reading about Dropbox, and exploring myself– I will give this one another shot in the future.

Google Docs and Wikis I have used and loved for years. Wikis are great for a project-based sharing tool, and Google Docs are terrific for registration pages, shared checklists, and desk calendars. I am interested in figuring out how to link Google Docs with the form capabilities to Google Calendar. It would be the perfect combination — but right now it is not a simple thing to do. I might still try, however, in the near future.  

This exploration was due to my participation in 23 Things for Professional Development. It’s not too late to start!


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