Insights on Productivity by Members of the Network for Productivity Excellence

I received this book last year as a gift when attending a leadership program. I read a few of the essays, but then put it down for several months–until this weekend.

This past Friday at work I was approached with an idea to launch a new project. It was a really good idea, and yet I met the idea and the person who brought it to me with exhausted ambivalence. I was very overwhelmed by this point in my Friday. I was trying to juggle too many balls and was not receptive at all to a really neat opportunity that I would normally have jumped at the chance to be involved with. It dawned on me after coming home and feeling unsatisfied and disappointed regarding my previous work week — I realized some things needed to change. I was being asked to think and operate at a higher level last week than what I was able to do at that moment because I am so busy right now just trying to keep up with the day-to-day issues and emergencies. 

Reading this book was a great re-framing exercise for me. A year ago I would have characterized myself as a very organized person able to plan and execute a number of large projects successfully. Lately my confidence has been a bit rocky, and I have slipped with regards to some tactics and approaches I used to use that I simply haven’t yet adapted with regularity to my current job.

Three simple ideas from Insights on Productivity that I plan to incorporate into my day:
1) Close my door for 1 hour a day to work on high-priority mega projects.
2) Turn off my auto-alerts for email and only check it once per hour. Wait until the afternoon to deal with the daily email “stuff” that drains me.
3) Do not leave my desk messy at the end of the day. Know what priority I want to handle the following day when I leave at night.

This was the perfect book that came to me at the perfect time. I will regain control of my work day, by golly! And as an added bonus, it counts towards my TBR Pile Challenge!


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