Keys to the Kingdom by Senator Bob Graham

This political thriller was fast paced with lots of action. It was fun to read a story that included a retired Florida Senator that was written by a retired Florida Senator. It lends credibility to the plot line.

The story follows Tony Ramos, an intelligence officer who has spent a great deal of his professional career tracking terrorists and providing recommendations to the United States Government to keep the casualties and destruction caused by terrorism under control. His intelligence work brings him into the contact with many top-ranking US politicians. Although Senator Billington is now retired in Florida, his passion to discover the root of the cover up that he felt sure took place around the 9/11 attacks manages to get him killed, but not before reaching out to Tony with a plea for help.

I enjoyed the background on the characters in the beginning of the book. I was a bit overwhelmed with the pace of the ending: it felt as if the author realized he was approaching his page limit and tried to rush things; as a result, I found it difficult to keep track of the additional characters, but perhaps the senator was trying to capture the true essence of the spy game. Overall, the ending difficulties were a minor annoyance. I will read other works by Senator Graham.


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