Thing 12: Putting the social into social media

I was a social media lurker for a while. The internet is so public, that for a long time I was a bit intimidated by having every thought Iexpress online tracked and “out there”, where it could possibly come back to haunt me. I got over that a few years ago, however. Once I started viewing websites and blogs as opportunities for conversation, I started having a lot more fun online. The internet is full of possibilities, and if you are only taking in content and not contributing– you’re only having half the amount of fun.

Being able to share your thoughts online and learning how to write for the online audience is a worthwhile skill — one that many library employers now expect. Practicing in informal ways about things of a personal interest pays off whenyou are later asked to write web copy or post as a library employee on a particular blog or website for your boss. It’s can also be fun! For instance, in the 23 Things post for this week, an image at the top of the post was created by The Daring Librarian. I thought it was really cute, and clicked on it, which took me to her Flickr post, which then led me to her blog, where I saw a neat article she had embedded from Slideshare about creating avatars. I was able to quickly check out one of the sites, have fun, and then return to her Slideshare post a thank you to her for sharing.  Every social interaction doesn’t have to take a long time to create — it can sometimes just be social and starting a conversation.

This post is my contribution to the 23 Things for Professional Development project.  This is a great way to learn and share, and you can start anytime!


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