Event Wrap-Up: Gardening with Children

The Master Gardeners and the County Extension Service coordinated to bring a guest speaker to Stuart and conduct a talk entitled Gardening with Children. They asked if the library could partner and provide the space for the event and help advertise. I giddily agreed. I love this topic, and Anita  Neal with St. Lucie County Extension Service was a perfect speaker. She was hip and enthusiastic, which kept the very diverse crowd engaged. Pleasing an audience of kids, parents, and grandparents while trying to help everyone learn something can be challenging, but Neal rose to the occasion. Topics covered included vegetable gardening, hydroponics, and butterfly gardening. Participants were able to nibble cookies thanks to the Master Gardener volunteers, and Neal brought seed packets and rosemary cuttings for participants to take home and get started on their new gardening adventures.

The next time time I host a similar event I will create handouts or a bookmark with links to additional sources to supplement the lecture. Note to self.

Around 42 people were in attendance, and a great night was had by all.


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