Thing 10 – Graduate traineeships, Masters Degrees, Chartership, Accreditation

Seven years ago I decided to become a librarian. In order to ever get the kind of job I really wanted (which would let me plan and present programs and pick out books, and help people find materials), I knew I would need a Master’s Degree. I took the plunge right away, and finished my degree in less than 2 years. During those crazy 2 years I learned a lot about librarianship — both from my classes and from my job as a student clerk at my local public library. I was offered a full time job as I was finishing up my classes, and everything worked out great in making the big switch in professions.

I don’t have any desire to get any other formal degrees. I am much more interested at this stage in becoming proficient in practical skills which would make me better at my current position. These skills include learning conversational Spanish, becoming an effective trainer, and improving my project management and leadership skills. There are opportunities to to become certified in various ways in these different areas, however I have not explored those options as of yet. There is still a huge gap in personal knowledge that I could start filling with informal self-study before I reach the next level of needing to get certification.  I love learning, that’s what makes librarianship such a great fit for me. I hope I never stop wanting to learn and grow, in limitless ways!

Thing 10 – Graduate traineeships, Masters Degrees, Chartership, Accreditation is part of the CPD 23 Things for Professional Development online program. It’s never too late to start or complete your own 23 Things!


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