American Ghost by Janis Owens

When mob cruelty happens now and is broadcast on the news worldwide, it is difficult to comprehend how a group of people could all have lost their sense at the same time and that no one would have stopped the horrible from happening before things got so completely out of control. As Janis Owens points out in her novel, American Ghost, the results of what amounts to human cruelty have the power to haunt generations to come when the deed is so gruesome and terrible and a whole tribe of people work hard to cover up the awful.

This story explores racial tensions and the fallout in a town that to simply call it rural is missing the mark completely. The best part about well written historical fiction is that the reader is drawn into a story and learns about places and facts and historical details in mesmerizing ways. American Ghost is a terrific read for someone who would like to learn a little something about Cracker culture in Florida in the form of a great story.

American Ghost is expected to be published October 2012. Check the author’s website for more details.


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