Thing 9: Evernote

Last year I dove head first into Evernote. I learned how it worked and tried it out for a while. I used it at work and at home and loaded the app on my phone. This was after I read a few posts by Michael Hyatt, who absolutely loves Evernote. I see the advantage of being able to organize content, whether it is notes written from scratch, excerpts from webpages, tweets, urls, all in one space. The program holds a lot of potential.

So I tried out Evernote last year, for about two weeks. I just couldn’t seem to get over the glitches. It wouldn’t come up on some browsers I was using (it works great in Firefox, though), I needed to pay to get it to upload some file types, the app seemed to work slowly on my less-than-terrific phone.  The biggest bummer was that the people I wanted to share my collections with, were not Evernote users. I think that would have made all the difference. So I abandoned the Evernote ship and went back to my multiple organization systems – Zotero for website collection, sticky notes for my lists.

I know I am not operating at maximum efficiency in life. Perhaps I need to try again with Evernote and give it another whorl. I work for a different organization now, and I have noticed that several of my coworkers do use Evernote. There might be more opportunities to use it to a fuller potential. I also think if I ever do break down and buy an iPad, that would also make all the difference.

I did log back in and see my tags from last year and realize what a difference a year makes!

This post is an example of me working through the 23 Things for Professional Development project that I am participating in. It is a fun program geared to library professionals who want a nudge to explore various technology platforms.


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