Thing 8: Google Calendar

I have been using Google Calendar for years. I love it for its versatility and sharing abilities. The last two organizations I worked for used it a lot more on an organizational level for scheduling and communication purposes compared to the library system I am now with. It was helpful to know everyone’s timelines and deadlines when talking in terms of calendars. I like the ability to assign different people / tasks / goals a different color then merge them all together. This is also helpful when trying to keep my life together (work and personal life can all be shown at once in different colors or can be hidden when focusing on a particular issue).

Even though from a work perspective, Google Calendar is not extremely helpful to me at this time– I still didn’t want to let this opportunity to organize my schedule to pass me by. So, I took the plunge and added Outlook (the preferred workplace calendaring system) to my phone tonight. It is just too hard to plan ahead and commit to meetings without access to my various calendars. It was nice for the last few months to not be tied to my work email / calendar pinging me at all times, but the chances of double booking myself are getting to be too great to live without access to a portable calendar. So… here we go again.  

I hope I can control my compulsive email checking moving foward.

This post is my contribution to the 23 Things for Professional Development.  Check it out, if you haven’t already!


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