Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

Conversing with others is a necessary and enjoyable part of each day for me. Sometimes, however, I will find myself in the middle of a discussion gone wrong. It could be a really important conversation that I have thought about ahead of time and prepared for or it could be a conersation that I walk into and then felt blindsided by the revelations that were made. Crucial Conversations covers both of these situations and focuses on techniques which make dialogue possible, even when the topics being covered are sticky and difficult.

The recomendations spelled out in this book are not revelations to me. The idea that others will only open up and be receptive to the ideas I am putting forward when they feel safe and not threatened makes perfect sense. The difficulty, of course, is following through on these techniques when emotions run high. I really do believe it is good to make others feel at ease and better solutions emerge when I approach difficult situations with the aim of learning as well as problem solving. This is certainly preferable to simply going into a high-stakes conversation with the sole aim of getting my way.

The audiobook version of Crucial Conversations is a great starting point for those wanting to grow and develop their communication skills. It is a taste of the Crucial Conversations comprehensive training program.


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