Thing 6: Online Networks

The great thing about the internet is the ability to learn and connect with people all over the world. By participating in online networks, I am able to share ideas with a larger pool of people and be exposed to a wider range of ideas than what am able to do in-person on any given day. Online networks also help me to stay in touch with those I know well, but no longer live close to.

I use Facebook and Twitter the most. I check them on my phone and on the laptop regularly. LinkedIn I also use, probably on a weekly basis. Pinterest is fun for when I am wasting time, usually at night. I post to some professional networks regularly. There are several specific library LinkedIn groups that I like. I have posted in discussion boards – both asking questions and commenting on topics others have brought up. I have recently started participating on the ALA Connect site a bit more. I have participated in #libchat on Twitter several times, and will post back responses to other blogs on occasion in an effort to make connections that way.

Online networks can be fun ways to expose yourself to new ideas or to get help forming an idea yourself. The hardest part is just taking the initial plunge and start posting. I know a lot of people are forum lurkers, because they aren’t sure that what they have to say is worth posting. I encourage those who think that way to just try it. Participate!  It can be fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thing 6: Online Networks

  1. really interested that you use LinkedIn on a weekly basis – what do you do on it? I’m on facebook daily, rambling about stuff to friends, but can’t think of anything purposeful to do on LinkedIn (where I feel I have to be a bit more productive!) so I rarely go on it. Any suggestions?

    1. It is a whole lot easier to spend time on facebook and pinterest… too easy, actually! When I go on LinkedIn, I am usually doing one of a few different things. Usually I will go to LinkedIn to approve a friend request or send a friend request to someone I have met around town the previous week or online. While I am on LinkedIn I will also peruse the discussion boards. There are a lot of library and technology groups that I encourage you to check out. Some of the comment streams are pretty decent. Once you reply to a few, you can be notified when someone replies back. Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck!

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