Sad Desk Salad by Jessica Grose

If you spend about ten hours a day being paid to talk trash and be mean to those whose lives are plastered in the media and on the internet, you might start to have a hard time staying tied to the real world and the people who are in it. You might also find it difficult to separate virtual drama from the parts of life which you most value. This is the situation Alex Lyons finds herself in when she is suddenly awakened by getting a taste of her own medicine one week from a hate blogger. The story follows Alex during this week of revelations.

There are a lot of ways to earn a living, and it was interesting to dive into the world of professional online blogging while I read this story. It was a quick read which left me a bit sad about the effect reality TV and paparazzi are having on society. However, this is an interesting view point from the “other side” of the tabloids. If you occasionally peruse a gossip website, pick up a People Magazine, or like to read the headlines in the check out line, this would probably be a fun reading choice.


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