Thing 5: Reflective Practice

A few years ago when I was programming out the wazoo, I incorporated reflection into my regular activities. It was part of how I evaluated a program when it was all done. I would look at the attendance numbers, consider the demographic that was in attendance, read through the evaluation forms, think back to my thoughts on how the program went, and analyzed the presenter and the potential of working with them again in the future, combined with how well the publicity came out for the program.

Taking time to really think about a topic I cared about (programming) helped me create a clear picture of how I defined success. With that clearer picture, I was able to build on the successes and failures in constructive ways.

I don’t really dedicate the time for reflection on many other topics. It would probably be a good idea to start journaling or blogging more regularly on a variety of topics — but it comes down to time management related to my off-work time. Sometimes I have to schedule non-schedule time in order to stay sane, and the idea of adding a regular item to my to-do list is just not attractive at this time. Maybe that will change after I complete the 23 Things project, we shall see.


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