Thing 4: Current awareness – Twitter, RSS and Storify

So the topic for the moment is current awareness. At first, I have to admit, I thought twitter was the biggest waste of time. That was a few years ago, however. It is the method I now use to keep up to date on current topics and things that interest me and people I want to keep track of.

I use Twitter myself to post links to reviews and writings and accomplishments that I either write or like. That way those who seem interested in what I am “up” to professionally can check out the things I take an interest in. There is some personal stuff mixed in for my friends, but it’s a balance. I don’t post personal stuff that I wouldn’t want “the world” to see, so I keep the account unlocked and open to all.

I have participated in twitter chats and have found them useful at times for generating ideas. I have used my personal twitter to highlight library stuff I find interesting, and as a result have created multiple online friendships that I use to share ideas. I am kept up to date on new trends via twitter, and to be honest– it has replaced my Google reader feed that I used to keep up to date and read on my lunch hours a little over a year ago. Having a set list of blogs to read is not enough for me anymore — I want to be “sold” with a twitter tease before I will commit the five minutes to reading the article. It may not be fair, but that’s how it is for me now. I look forward to the future with twitter generated content. I am continuously cleaning out my following list and fine tuning those sources I truly value and want to keep up to date with. I only wish really cool colleagues whom I love would post more and provide more twitter links for me to love and retweet. This is the perfect medium for sharing. Take advantage people!


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