The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn

Sometimes a little story with meaning is exactly what you need to feel peace and happiness. “The Encounter” is a book that most readers who get weepy/sappy when watching Hallmark made-for-TV movies would absolutely love—a short piece of fiction with a great message about love and forgiveness.

Hot shot CEO Jonathan Rush has run into a several-year span of hard times which from the outside seem self-inflicted. He has messed up his third marriage, he is an adrenaline junky, and he is trying to put a suicide attempt behind him and move on with his life with the help of his new friend and pastor, Tim. He has been asked by Tim to explore the reasons for his rage and depression and has found that it stems from unresolved issues he has with the mother, who abandoned him when he was four years old. Tim has sent Jonathan on what he fears is a wild goose chase, but it is anything but.

This is an easy story to dive into and finish, but the commentary by the author after the story ends will provoke thought and deeper reflection. This would be an excellent piece for a church small group or a group of close friends to explore and discuss.

Please note: the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookSneeze®, but that did not influence the above review.


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