A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith

Florida has some very beautiful natural areas. As more and more people started moving to Florida and development of rural lands happened at staggering pace over the past 100 years, the amount of natural uninhabited areas started to dwindle. It is important to recognize the past, however, to appreciate those areas we have left and to understand the history of Florida. Patrick D. Smith tells the history of Florida with his historical fiction tale about three generations of MacIvy’s and their journey from Georgia at the start of the Civil War all the way to near present time and how the Florida landscape changed in that time. Florida was once inhabited by Indians and cowboys who could not conceive of what the land would become. The story of how the Seminole Indians were driven off the land and into the swamps of Florida is a tragic tale that this story only begins to hint at, and yet has peaked my interest in the subject for future reading.

The book is very long and requires a certain amount of patience to stick with. I am glad I read it, even though I wish it had more of a dramatic plot to keep the story moving at a slightly faster pace. It is a great book for most Floridians to read and think and discuss.

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