Thing 2: Blogs

In order to really explore Thing 2: Investigate Some Other Blogs, I wanted to go a little further than I usually do on this topic. So, instead of just reading a few other blogs, I decided to read a post and comment on one of my favorites by Stephen Abrams and also sign up for a blog challenge. I have seen these memes in library blogland before, but never participated, but I thought that the TBR Pile reading challenge sounded like fun, so I signed up.

Reading professional library blogs gives me ideas for directions I might want to go in the future. They are inspirational, theraputic, and fun. I have my favorites, but always enjoy stumbling onto something new!


One thought on “Thing 2: Blogs

  1. Don’t you just LOVE some of those professional library blogs out there? Actually, I’m assuming anyone with “library” or “librarian” in their blog name is writing a professional library blog…. I’d be willing to bet the ones I consider most interesting and entertaining might not be considered “professional” by some other folks…. But anyway, it IS a great way to share information and discuss hot topics.
    Glad you’re doing this challenge! I’m new to the profession and am enjoying getting to know so many great people in the world of libraries!

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